Muzaffarpur, Aug 8: The watchman of the Madhubani shelter home was arrested on Wednesday, said reports. According to ANI, this is the same shelter home from where the main witness in Muzaffarpur shelter home scandal went missing. In a related development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) froze the bank accounts of main accused Brajesh Thakur. The agency was also investigating his property, said reports. Also Read - Horrifying! Minor Girl Gangraped, Burnt Alive by 4 Absconding Men in Bihar's Muzaffarpur

Earlier in the evening, Bihar Welfare Minister Manju Verma resigned from her post following the outcry over her husband’s alleged involvement in the scandal. While speaking to media, Verma said, “I resigned because media and the Opposition had created a furore
but I have full faith in the CBI and the judiciary. I am sure the truth will be out and my husband will come out clean. Call records of accused Brajesh Thakur should be made public, we will then see who all he used to talk to.” BJP MP CP Thakur appreciated Verma’s decision and said, “She did the right thing by resigning. Following such a saddening incident, any minister should have resigned.” Also Read - Delhi: Engineer Among Two Held For Sale, Purchase, Circulation of Child Porn on Social Media

Meanwhile, reacting to main accused Thakur’s claim that he was being framed as he was set to join the Congress, Bihar Congress chief Kaukab Qadri said, “This statement is a joke, his call details are with Manju Verma’s husband. His relations with the BJP and the JDU are coming out. He made this statement under pressure.” Also Read - Bank Fraud: Hyderabad-based Co cheats SBI, Other Banks for ₹ 4,736 Crore

In UP, in the infamous Deoria shelter home case that surfaced soon after the one in Muzaffarpur, the police told media on Wednesday that 41 out of 48 people in the shelter home had been verified and the remaining seven would be verified soon. “After the court’s order,  we will investigate the documents inside the shelter home,” said Deoria SP Rohan Kanay.