Muzaffarpur, July 29: Girls, who were raped and starved by the administration and visitors at a Muzaffarpur shelter home in Bihar, revealed that they used to cut their hands and legs to avoid being tortured and forced into “ganda kaam (sexual abuse)”. A TOI report quoted one of the girls alleging that the administration of the shelter home used to mix sedatives in their food and made to sleep naked. The sedatives were called “kide ki dawai”.

“Sedatives were mixed in my food due to which I used to feel dizzy I was asked by the aunties to sleep in Brajesh sir’s room and they used to talk about some visitor coming there I used to find my pant thrown on the floor when I got up in the morning,” 10-year-old victim of the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape cases told TOI.

She said that the aunties used to give her something saying it was “kide ki dawai” and her entire body used to pain in the morning. If they protested, the girls were beaten mercilessly. The inmates of the shelter home were mostly the children who were lost and had no shelter. The shelter home is run by one Brajesh Kumar Thakur who has been described as a “dabangg” person. “Sounds of screaming and yelling were heard frequently…I never got courage to intervene as Brajesh was a dabangg person,” one of the neighbours said.

One of the inmates also accused Brajesh of sexually abusing the girls. She said that Brajesh used to scratch her private parts and sometimes “so badly that it used to lead to cut marks”.

As many as 34 girls were tortured, raped, burnt and starved by operators and visitors in a shelter home in Bihar. Earlier the number was reported to be 29. “It was not 29, but 34 girls who were raped at the Muzaffarpur shelter home,” Muzaffarpur Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Harpreet Kaur said. Under pressure from the opposition, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar had ordered a CBI inquiry in the case.

The Bihar shelter home assault case came to light in a social audit report by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The report was based on the conversation with several girls at the home. “This is balatkar raj (rape culture). The Ravana-Duryodhana Raj has made it difficult for the women and children to step out from their houses,” Yadav said.