New Delhi: Urging parents to not allow their children to go out, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal shared some parenting tips with the guardians of the 44 lakh children of Delhi on Saturday. Also Read - How Novel Coronavirus Affects Your Nervous System?

“This is an extraordinary situation when we are all forced to remain locked down inside the houses. We can make some benefit from this time because this is a unique situation where both the parents and the children are getting to spend some time together. We can turn this lockdown into opportunity,” the CM said. Also Read - Virus May be an Invisible Enemy, But Our COVID-19 Warriors Are Invincible: PM Modi

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“When I was in 12th class, my whole year was almost like a lockdown. I had almost locked myself up in a room upstairs preparing for JEE,” the CM tweeted to some Anunay Kumar who sought some IIT tips from the IITian CM.

“Explain to your kids what coronavirus is. Make them understand how this virus spreads, tell them why it’s not safe to go out to play in the park. Some parents are fed up that their kids are spending too much time on mobile. Sometimes it’s okay, parents will also agree,” the CM said.

“Will we all die?” a kid posed this question to the expert panel that conducted the parenting session on Saturday. “The answer is no. But yes, this is an unprecedented situation. Parents can try to engage their kids in some indoor play activities,” an expert who was on the panel said.