Nagaland Lottery Department has officially released the Nagaland State Lottery Result on the official website. The participants who bought 27/1/21 Nagaland State Lottery 8 PM or Nagaland State Lottery Night / Evening tickets can check the results now.Also Read - Nagaland Civilian Killings: Army Chief Naravane Assures Appropriate Action, Calls The Incident 'Unfortunate'

The Director, Nagaland state lotteries issues lottery tickets for every day of the week. The ticket costs Rs 6 only. The Nagaland state lottery is being conducted at P. R. Hill Junction, Kohima – 797001. The Nagaland lotteries are organised by the Director of Nagaland State Lotteries. Also Read - Killing of Miners in Nagaland: An Accident or Conspiracy?

Nagaland is one of the 13 states to have the authority to host legal lotteries. Nagaland’s evening lottery sambad is popular. People in and around Nagaland get a fabulous opportunity to try their luck and win a considerable amount of cash. Also Read - Longest Drone Flight Delivers Medical Supplies From Nagaland's Mokokchung to Tuensang

If you have purchased an evening lottery ticket & you own the lucky lottery ticket, following are the required things to claim the lucky prize.

The Nagaland evening lottery game is played weekly. If you are looking to play lottery game, schedule is as given below –

  • Present your ticket(intact & non-damaged)
  • Copy of the claim forms available online
  • A government-recognised photo ID and
  • A Passport size photographs

NOTE: The authorities will not accept tampered or mutilated tickets.


Dear Flamingo

₹ 26 Lakh


Dear Parrot

₹ 26.01 Lakh


Dear Eagle

₹ 26.02 Lakh


Dear Falcon

₹ 26.03 Lakh


Dear Vulture

₹ 26 .04 Lakh


Dear Ostrich

₹ 26.05 Lakh


Dear Hawk

₹ 26.06 Lakh