Nagpur: Teachers are supposed to impart knowledge and wisdom to students and prevent them from going on the wrong road, but in this case, the opposite happened. In Maharashtra’s Nagpur, a 36-year-old private tuition teacher and her friend were arrested for allegedly stealing gold ornaments from the house of her student.

The incident happened on February 4 in Old Subhedar layout area of Nagpur, when the teacher with the help of his friend laid a trap by distracting the student’s mother.

“The teacher stole the ornaments from the bedroom of her student by diverting the attention of her mother, while her friend kept watch,” Hudkeshwar police said.

According to the police, stolen jewellery and a mobile phone collectively worth Rs 1.50 lakh was recovered from their possession.

The duo have been booked under section 380 (Theft in dwelling house, etc) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the police said.