New Delhi, November 8: Najeeb Ahmed’s disappearance since October 14 has sparked a furore amongst the JNU student community. This has been added on to by the recent incident of Delhi police manhandling Ahmed’s mother and protesting students and the alleged groping of a female protester by a police official. But there has been no new discovery in the case. Taking a dig at the failure of the police to find the whereabouts of Ahmed, JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar commented that the government had the intelligence to track the number of condoms used in the University campus but is unable find a missing student.

The comment was in reference to a previous statement by BJP MLA Gyandev Ahuja who provided a series of ambiguous but confident figures about finding 3,000 beer cans and bottles, 10,000 cigarette butts and amongst other things 3,000 used condoms and 500 abortion injections in the University campus daily.

Since the disappearance, the students have been protesting against the inaction of the University authorities and the Police and have even confined the Vice Chancellor and other administrative officers in the administrative building for more than 15 hours.

Najeeb Ahmed, an M.Tech student allegedly had gotten into an altercation with ABVP activists on October 14 during a mess-election campaign at Mahi-Mandvi hostel. He reportedly disappeared the next day. This incident was reported by the left oriented All India Students Association (AISA) but the student wing of ruling party BJP, ABVP has denied any involvement with Ahmed’s disappearance.

Kanhaiya Kumar who has recently launched a book titled ‘From Bihar to Tihar’, was  jailed on charges of sedition in February 2016 during the JNU ‘anti-national’ slogan fiasco.