New Delhi, September 16: It’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 66th birthday today. The statesman is all set to celebrate with great pomp and Guinness-record-breaking style. This gives us the perfect opportunity to get to know some great titbits about our country’s leader and appreciate some of the things he is globally known for .Also Read - Delhi-Dehradun Economic Corridor: You Will Soon Reach Delhi From Dehradun in Just 2.5 Hours | All You Need to Know

Narendra Damodardas Modi is known far and wide for his humble roots. The fact that he is the leader of the world’s largest democracy when sometime not so long ago he was a tea-seller at a Gujarati railway station awes people. Modi was born on the 17th of September 1950 to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and Heeraben Modi. Modi is known to be a mama’s boy through and through and there are adorable photographs to prove it. He was born into a family of grocers and had five siblings. It is a widely known fact that Prime Minister Modi is a self-made man who rose from extremely humble roots. But his hard work has ensured that he does not have to live the rest of his life in poverty, a fact that most Indians appreciate. Narendra Modi is now the 14th and incumbent Prime Minister of India and one of the world’s most admired leaders. (ALSO READ: Narendra Modi to distribute aids, assistive devices to disabled on birthday  ) Also Read - BSF Celebrates 57th Raising Day, To Exchange Sweets With Pakistan On Attari-Wagah Border

The above facts are things which are widely known about Modi. However, the Prime Minister’s birthday gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate what he is known best for and what is a very important component of every birthday celebration..Clothes! Modi is known globally for his signature half sleeve and full sleeve kurtas and churidars. Apart from the rock star status he has gained in politics, his fashion and style have become a brand unto themselves. Narendra Modi has given a new boost to ‘Swadeshi’ fashion. So on your Prime Minister’s 66th birthday we want you to look through some of the adorable styles Modi has adorned through his years as Prime Minister, who knows, he might even become your own favourite fashion catalogue! Also Read - 'No Data' on Farmers' Deaths, So No Question of Financial Aid: Government

Narendra Modi just has one golden rule for his dressing style and that is Keep it Simple. These two dresses show off exactly how the white kurta paired with an equally elegant jacket in a mild colour can easily be fit for a visit to the queen!

pjimage (7)

Modi has always been one to pull off monotones. The following shots show how a simple cream on cream and black on black set can easily be pulled off. Pair it off with a nice soft scarf and you’re all set to meet the who’s who of world leaders

pjimage (8)

Though Modi often wears half sleeved kurtas, it is the full sleeved ones that bring out his inner style. Enjoy these two choices in which a solid coloured jacket pairs brilliantly with a plain white kurta.

pjimage (9)

If all white is not your cup of tea, modi has the perfect solution. Pick out the palest pink and the mildest yellow as base colours for your kurta and you will be just as ready to go. These would pair easily with jackets of the same colour but in much darker shades, let Modi show you the way.

pjimage (10)

The pictures are some of our absolute favourite. It shows off how elegant our Prime Minister can become dressed in a pale blazer set with an all black shirt and the perfect hat a la Texas to match. This is one style where you must definitely follow the leader!

pjimage (11)

Rose gold is all the range now. From the latest iPhones to Prime Minister Modi’s wardrobe, rose gold is the way to go. You can never do wrong with such an elegant colour.

pjimage (13)

What we absolutely love about Narendra Modi’s wardrobe is howe easily he seems to pull off warm and muddy browns. If you want a break from all white and all black clothes, the most flattering colour you’ll find is the warm brown.

pjimage (14)

If you aren’t ready to make a commitment to the pale undertones, then worry not because Narendra Modi has you covered. Choose any two solid but contrast colours and you will be as ready as you can ever get

pjimage (15)

V-necks and huge hats are birthday boy Narendra Modi’s speciality. This may not be the best look for everyone but like the prime Minister has taught, an ounce of confidence will make you look smart in any dress you wear. so what are you waiting for? Follow the leader and get yourself a V-neck jumper and the perfect hat to match.

pjimage (16)

Now, we have saved the absolute best for the last! This number tenth suit is exclusive to the birthday boy and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Costing approximately ten lakh rupees, the suit is embossed with lettering which spells out the name of the great leader himself. The suit shocked fashionistas everywhere as Modi established that he wasn’t just the leader of the country but also of the ramp!

pjimage (12)

So on his 66th birthday take a few pages out of Narendra Modi’s book and try out some of these absolutely amazing styles.