New Delhi, Apr 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gifted Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a miniature painting of Guru Nanak Dev. Painted in traditional Indian miniature style, the painting shows Guru Nanak Dev with his two disciples Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala. (Interaction with Indian diaspora an ‘unforgettable experience’: Narendra Modi)

The pristine landscape in the background adds to the tranquillity of the painting, which is encased in intricately painted borders. Painted on handmade paper with mineral colours, the work has been done by a Jaipur-based artist Virendra Bannu, who is a seventh generation artist and has been taking the specialized miniature art form legacy of his family forward.

While presenting the painting to Harper, Prime Minister Modi said, “So many of our Punjabi brothers and sisters have made Canada their home and enriched it with their renowned vigour and entrepreneurial drive.”