11.52 AM: Narendra Modi concludes the live event of Teacher’s Day 2015 by thanking everyone who were part of the successful event and a great initiative. (President Pranab Mukherjee Teacher’s Day 2015 Address Live: Watch Live streaming, telecast and updates from President’s Estate)

11.50 AM: Modi says that he has no fashion designer who helps with his Indian dress code.I have always worn Kurta and Pajama. I took help with a pair of scissors and shortened my sleeves of the kurta, and came up with what I’m wearing today. We should dress simple and sober, that is what I believe.


11. 40 AM: PM Modi says for being a good orator, people need to be a good listener. You need to be involved and grasp things. You will gradually improve your confidence level if you let go of your insecurities. You need to take note of things about whatever inspires you and articulate those things, which might proove helpful to you later in life.Also there are some public speaking courses online and refer live speeches to improve.


11.30 AM: When a Kendriya Vidyala student from Bokaro asks for the recipe of success, Modi says, “There is no recipe for success”. There needs to be a firm goal and motivation. That is the only key to success.Those who learn from failed attempts learn to succeed in life, people need to take stride and should not be demotivated by any failures.


11.22 AM: Modi talks about how there is not dearth of potential teachers in India. This initiative of Teacher’s day 2015 event is to motivate the students as well as the kids. Teacher profession need not come from an established institution. There is no dearth of talent in our country, there is only a need of channelization.


11. 20 AM: Modi says People assume an Army man or only a politician serves the nation. But people on an individual level can also serve the nation by preserving electricity, food etcetera.

11.10 AM: Modi talks to Anmol Kabra class 12th student from Delhi who won  India National Chemistry Olympian and a gold medalist in Australian national chemistry quiz.  Modi talks about parental pressure. How parents live their dreams and look forward to achievements through their children.

11.04 AM: Modi interacts with the students from Bengaluru New Horizon public School. They won the Technovation Challenge. They also were awarded for the Mobiile app Sellixo. An android app for online market place to buy or sell dry waste. Modi talks about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative.


11.00 AM: Modi talks about the importance of sports and physical activities in the life of a student.


10.50 AM: PM Modi says, “Digital India is a part of our lives, more so if we want to move forward, towards good governance. Its an empowerment tool.”


10.45 AM: Modi says talks about the state of politics has a very bad projection on people. Which in turn shows political system of our country in bad light. It is necessary that potential people from a wide range of background come to the from to serve in politics. Modi also mentions the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi in the history of our country. Modi emphasises on nurture and evolving the leadership quality gradually. Also clarity needs to be there for the leadership quality.

10 41 AM: PM Narendra Modi begins the video conference with students from the 9 states across the nation.


10.37 AM: Modi emphasises on the approach towards arts in the field of academics. There are talent youth festivals in various colleges, same way we need to nurture the same for the kids in the school. This will be done through the Kala Utsav initiative by the HRD Ministry.

10. 36 AM: Modi expresses his happiness to interact with the school kids ahead of the Teacher’s Day.

10.30 AM: Modi remembers late APJ Abdul Kalam and mentions his memorable words. Abdul Kalam used to say, “If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.”



10.24 AM: PM Modi starts interacting with the school kids emphasizing on the value of a teacher in a student’s life ahead of the Teacher’s Day 2015. Modi says, “Sometimes people wonder why it is students we spend time with on Teacher’s day. I feel that students are an image of teachers. ”


10.20 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches Kala utsav to promote arts in the academic session of students in schools all over the country.


10.15 AM: The school students start with the cultural program to mark the Kala Utsav. This is a new initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). Kala Utsav will to promote arts in education for the school kids all over the country.

10.12 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi releases a commemorative coin in the honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The coin is in denomination Rs  125 and is made of silver, copper nickle. Another is of Rs 10 made up of aluminium copper and nickle.

10.09 AM: Smriti Zubin Irani starts with the Teacher’s Day 2015 address and starts with the introductory formalities post the Saraswati Vandana. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon begin with his speech.


10.28 AM: Narendra Modi remembers late APJ Adbul Kalam. He remembers the words of Kalam

10.03 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is received by Smriti Irani.Upendra Kushwana, Shankar Katheria, and Jayant Sinha are also present at the event at Manekshaw Hall in New Delhi.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee will interact with schoolchildren today on the eve of Teachers’ Day 2015. The event will take place a day ahead of Teachers’ Day as it coincides with the festival of Janmashtami. Modi will address the school kids from the Manekshaw Hall in New Delhi. Students from 9 states across India will join the Prime Minister for the one of a kind event via video conference. You can watch the live streaming here. (Live Streaming of Narendra Modi, Pranab Mukherjee Teacher’s Day 2015 Speech: Watch live streaming & telecast of PM Modi, President Mukherjee’s interaction with school children)

In the honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Modi will release a commemorative coin and a website called the Kala Utsav, which is a new initiative by the HRD Ministry. Smriti Irani and Upendra Kushwana will also be present at the Teacher’s Day 2015 live event.You can watch this space for the live updates from the Teacher’s Day 2015 event.