New Delhi, March 6: Former President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil, joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday in addressing the women legislators of the Parliament, during a session organised especially for the women members. The main topic of session was the woman empowerment and the role of women in nation building. The session, which was conceptualised by the Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan and organised by a Parliamentary Committee constituted by Mahajan herself.

Patil, who was the first woman President of India, hailed the session, organised especially for the women legislators and representatives of the country. Patil stressed on the need for women to become financial independence and elucidated the necessity by the giving the example of self help groups. “Ours is the biggest democracy in the world. But unfortunately, here some money power and muscle power have entered, this is what is hurting the democracy”, Patil said. Also Read: Pranab Mukherjee, Narendra Modi to address women legislators’ meet

She urged the legislators to include women welfare in all the laws that are being devised, saying, “Today, a lot of women who want to enter the Parliament, find it extremely difficult to do so. You are all very fortunate that you are sitting over here… Women should come forward and work towards neutralising money and muscle power in politics.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke during the session and he highlighted the importance of women in nation building.

Hailing what he called as the ‘inherent strength and capability’ of women, endowed to them by nature, the PM said, “How do we empower some one who is already empowered? Who are men to empower women?” Indicating that women are better than men in managing activities, the PM said, ” Women have been granted immense inherent capability. Do we know how to respect this strength and capability? Do we know how to recognize it?…In today’s managerial world, multitasking activities are indispensable and in our country women are highly capable of multitasking.”

PM Modi gave the example of Rwanda in Africa, which has over 65% women in the Parliament, saying that women single handedly lifted the country out of a political crisis. Modi stressed on the need for women representatives to work together, learn from each other and also said that women should not get insecure. “Someday, we will get over just empowering women. Someday, the nation will move from women empowerment to women lead empowerment”, he added.