New Delhi, June 8: Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not refrain from targeting Pakistan during his address at the US Congress. While speaking at the Capitol Hill, Modi took potshots at Pakistan, accusing the western neighbour of harbouring, nurturing terrorism to use it for geopolitical gains. The comments directed towards Pakistan were received with an applause by the senators.Also Read - Kerala Rains: House Collapses Into Gushing Water in Mundakayam | Watch Video

“Terrorism is situated in our neighbourhood. US Congress should take action against those who use terrorism for political and strategical gains. The first step would be to stop rewarding them,” Modi said. (ALSO READ: Narendra Modi addresses US Congress: PM Modi sends out stern message to those questioning religious freedom in India) Also Read - Shocking, Unscientific Methodology: Govt Reacts on India's Rank Slip in Global Hunger Index Report

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“Need of the hour is to take action against those who nurture, harbour and provide haven to terrorism. There can be no differentiation between good terrorism and bad terrorism,” he added. “We are victims of terrorism. We lose our security forces due to terrorism.”

Calling terrorism an evil ideology, Modi said, “Terrorism remains the biggest threat. From West of India’s border to Africa, it may go by different names LeT, Taliban or ISIS. But its ideology remains the same.”

Modi stressed on the need to delink terrorism from religion, which earned him a standing ovation from the House of Representatives. The Indian Prime Minister further cited the threat faced by South Asia due to terrorism.