New Delhi, April 18: Congress social media head and MP from Karnataka’s Mandya, Divya Spandana on Wednesday alleged that fake news over social media was driven by none other than our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking in view of the upcoming Karnataka polls which is scheduled to take place on May 12, the Karnataka Congress MP said to DNA that the election time was a crucial one and that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had its leader and country’s PM as the driver of fake news.

Spandana went on to add that BJP didn’t require either of the popular social media channels like WhatsApp or Twitter for spreading fake news. Elucidating on her statement, Spandana said that PM Modi made quite a serious allegation when he raised a finger at former prime minister Manmohan Singh and accused him of having ties with Pakistan. Such allegations were baseless and didn’t have any meaning.

Karnataka which is going to polls on May 12, will have in competition the BJP and the Janta Dal (S)  JD-S. She added with the increasing number of fake news is a huge challenge for the Congress and she as the social media head from the state is pitching for developmental politics instead of indulging in spreading fake news and hatred. Spandana said that Congress was trying to counter the menace of fake news in Karnataka but it is a daunting task for them. She further went on to explain the detrimental effects of fake news, citing examples of PM Modi and Donald Trump becoming the leader. She also said that Congress was challenged by BJP every single time as the latter dragged the party into propaganda and dirty politics rather than talking about its own achievements as a party. She added that the reason behind such a step was the nil contribution of the BJP in the welfare affairs of the people.

Spandana also spoke about Facebook’s initiative of tackling fake news during the Karnataka elections saying that Facebook’s collaboration with Boom is appreciable as well as it makes one skeptical considering the data breach scandal FB was involved in.

On talking about how fake news can be tackled and if Congress had certain ways to prevent this, Spandana said that fake news and gossip traveled much faster and Congress was yet to find unique solutions to this massive problem. She added that the party has to also foresee the way people consumed news and act likewise as blabbering about the party’s achievements wouldn’t sail the Congress to victory in the upcoming elections.