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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will embark on a official three nation tour to China, Mongolia, and Republic of South Korea starting May 14. Modi’s tri-nation tour will span six days till May 19, which will have investments, smart cities development, and Digital India as top priorities. However, it is Modi’s meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping that is much talked about. We take a look at a detailed itinerary of Modi of his multi-national tour below: Also Read - World Elephant Day 2020: Over 200 Elephants in India Kept in Severely Inadequate Conditions, Says World Animal Protection

1. Narendra Modi in China Also Read - 'Can Beat Coronavirus if...': PM Modi in Interaction With Chief Ministers of 10 States

A week before visiting China, Modi made his debut on China’s largest micro-blogging site  Weibo, in order to woo Chinese demography. Narendra Modi will be visiting China from May 14 to May 16. Modi will be visiting Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an, which also happens to be President Jinping’s home province. Modi will also hold extensive discussions with China Premier Li Keqiang in order to boost economic ties with China. Many important business leaders are also scheduled to meet Modi during his visit. Last time the duo of Jinping-Modi met, China had pledged investments of USD 20 billion in five years.

2. Narendra Modi in Mongolia


Narendra Modi’s visit to Mongolia will be the first visit by a Indian Prime Minister. Modi will be in Mongolia on May 17. Terming Mongolia as its spiritual friend, Modi said, “Democracy and Buddhism bind India with Mongolia– our spiritual friend,” on Twitter. The Prime Minister will also address the Great Khural (Parliament of Mongolia) on his maiden visit. Modi will also commemorate 60 years of Indo-Mongolian diplomatic relations, and also the silver jubilee of Mongolia’s democracy. Modi’s visit to Mongolia will see discussions on better trade and investment ties between the two nations.

3. Narendra Modi in South Korea

In the last leg of his tri-nation tour, Narendra Modi will spend two days in South Korea. During his visit, trade and investments will be the core issue at the bilateral meet with President Park Geun-hye. Modi will look on to boost Indo-Korean ties in the field of infrastructure, manufacturing, ship building, energy, defence production among many other sectors. Modi tweeted, ” Hello to my friends in the Republic of Korea. I will be visiting this beautiful land of the morning calm once again, on 18th & 19th May.”

While Narendra Modi embarks on a three-nation tour to China, Mongolia, and South Korea; his trip will also mark the completion of one year of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Centre government in India. It will interesting to see how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip eventually pans out, because when he will return to India, there will be lot of criticism welcoming him!