Puri, February 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charisma and fan following is globally known. There are incidents when people have fainted chanting the name of their most loved politician. It is also a fact, that Modi too never leaves his supporters go empty handed and make them happy in whatever way he can. In the latest incident, Modi did a surprising thing by standing on car’s side foot step and waved to its supporters.

The whole incident took place on Sunday, when PM Modi on his way to visit the Holy Jagannath Temple in Puri stood on his car’s side and started waving his hands to his supporters. These people were standing there since hours and Modi did not disappoint them. As Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel — who take care of Modi’s security — had advised him not to break the security  barrier, so Modi did not get down from his bullet proof car, but instead waved his hand in the most surprising way his supporters can expect. (ALSO READ: Narendra Modi in Odisha: PM inaugurates National Institute of Science and Research Centre in Bhubaneswar)

Loved for his flawless and confident speeches, PM Modi has made a special place in the hearts of millions of people and they treat him as their saviour. Though he has been in controversy for his silence on intolerance, religious issues and caste discrimination, but people have understood that for everything Narendra Modi can not be blamed. Whatever be the reason, Modi lives in people heart and will remain to do so.