Mumbai, June 4: The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) was observed on Sunday in Mumbai, along with 19 other international cities. Animal activists had gathered at the Juhu beach here to observe NARD. The civil society members appealed the people to prevent cruelty towards animal, by resorting to a lifestyle which would be vegan in nature. Apart from Mumbai, the event was scheduled to be observed in Dharamsala, Hyderabad and Pune.

The activists in Mumbai were scheduled to assemble at Juhu beach at 4 AM today. In order to spread awareness, they had planned to propagate to the general populace about the suffering inflicted on animals by human beings for using them as part of food and clothing.

“Efforts will be to show the cruelty in the ‘animal farming and food industries’ and showing people a way to healthy and easy substitutes,” Mumbai-based Ananda Siva was quoted as saying by TOI.

Among major international stories where NARD was observed today include – Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, Paris, Perth and Frankfurt. The objective is to create awareness against animal slaughter for consumption.A memorial service was planned to be held in the above cities in honour of nearly 56 billion animals killed for human consumption this year.

Interestingly, NARD is being observed in India in the backdrop of raging debate across the nation against Centre’s regulation on cattle slaughter. As per the new rules notified by Environment Ministry under Regulation of Livestock Animals Act, 2017, cattle could not be sold for slaughter in animal markets.

Opposition has demanded to revoke the regulation, calling it a violation of fundamental rights of the citizens. Describing the move as backdoor ban on beef, Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the opposition would launch a massive protest if the regulation is not rolled back. “Our Constitution has given us the freedom to consume the food of our choice and any act of intolerance is a violation of the basic rights enshrined in the Constitution,” Vijayan said.