New Delhi:  A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi cracked a dyslexia-related joke at an interactive session with students of IIT Roorkee, the National  Platform for the Rights of the Disabled  (NPRD) has demanded an apology from the PM.

A video of the session that went viral showed the Prime Minister interrupting a student mid-question to inquire if her project, aimed at helping dyslexic students, would help a ’40-50 year-old child’?

In the video, the student in the video can be seen speaking of her project to help dyslexic people and explains, “Dyslexic children are those whose learning and writing pace is very slow but creativity level and intelligence is quite good.”

To this, the Prime Minister also says that if it would benefit a “40-50 year old child, then that would make his mother very happy”.

Objecting to the ‘distasteful’ remarks made by the Prime Minister, the NPRD in a statement issued on Sunday said, “The PM should under no circumstances be making such a remark. It also displays scant respect for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 according to which this constitutes an offence. The least the PM can do is apologise for his remarks.”

It added, “In an uncalled for and totally insensitive response where the Prime Minister tried to portray all dyslexic people in poor light. It is all the more unpardonable as it comes from a person holding such a high office. And this comes from a person who had equated disability with divinity and coined the term ‘divyang‘.”