New Delhi: Speaking at the World Economic Forum, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday highlighted that there was no contradiction in being nationalistic and engaging with the world at the same time. He also stressed on the fact that He stressed that being nationalistic is not a negative sentiment.

“India is an exception as we are more nationalistic, but at the same time we don’t see a tension between being nationalistic and being international, in the sense of engaging more with the world, so nationalism is not a negative sentiment,” S Jaishankar said.

Talking about regional peace and cooperation in an indirect reference to Pakistan, Jaishankar said that it has been a good story apart from one country in the neighbourhood. “The entire neighbourhood, minus one, has been a fairly good story for regional cooperation,” he added.

Saying that the diplomacy begins with the immediate neighbourhood, the union minister said the world runs ‘not on entitlement’, but ‘by capability, influence, interest. We are clear about what our interests are.” He also said that he would like to see Indian foreign policy having a bigger footprint in the time to come.

Talking about the issue of Kashmir, the minister said that the Kashmir issue did come up in meetings with the US which was concluded recently.

The minister had earlier said that India cannot hold bilateral talks with countries which are a base for terrorism. “Of course everyone wants to talk to their neighbour. The issue is, how to talk to a country that is giving birth to terrorism and which frankly I would say follows a policy of implausible deniability,” he had said earlier.

Prior to holding talks at the World Economic Forum, the minister earlier had met US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien during the final day of his three-day visit to the US.

“Glad to meet the National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien. A substantive meeting on key issues. Look forward to working with him,” Jaishankar wrote on Twitter.

The three-day visit to Washington witnessed the External Affairs Minister holding meetings with several top US officials, during which an entire range of issues from strategic ties and welfare of Indian students in America to trade-related issues, were discussed.