New Delhi, December 4: Prime minister Narendra Modi on Friday wished the Navy personnel on the occasion of Navy Day, saying that India and Indians are proud of their Navy. The PM conveyed his greeting through a tweet on his official Twitter handle. The greetings came in the wake of the the Navy chief R K Dhowan and the chief of the Indian Air Forces Arup Raha’s tributes to the Amara Jawan Jyoti or the Flame of the immortal Soldier, at India Gate in New Delhi.

The place is a war memorial dedicated to the soldiers, who were killed fighting along side the British in the First World War. This year will mark the 44th Anniversary of the Navy Day in India. The day is celebrated to commemorate the start of Operation Trident at the time of the Indo-Pakistan war in the year 1971. That night the Indian Navy sank three vessels near Karachi, the largest Pakistani port.The Indian Navy, which is the naval arm of the armed forces of India, is responsible for securing India’s maritime borders, strengthening International relations and helping in relief in times of disasters. Also Read: Navy maintains spirit of secularism: R K Dhowan

” India is proud of a strong & valiant Navy, that has always risen to the occasion to protect our Nation. Navy Day greetings to Navy personnel”, tweeted the PM. Naval chief RK Dhowan also addressed the media on the occasion reiterating the Naval forces’ faith in secularism. He said that his forces are “totally secular” and that every ship of the Indian Navy was a microcosm of India itself. “I would like to talk about how it is in the Navy. Every ship of the Indian Navy is a microcosm of India, where we have personnel from every single state representing, including every religion as well. Therefore Navy is totally secular in nature and it starts from our individual and smallest unit. That trend and that feeling, and that spirit is maintained in the…” he said.