Kathmandu, October 2: After the disastrous events that led to the mass boycott of the SAARC summit by more than half the member countries, the current chair Nepal has finally come out and expressed its opinion. The summit which was scheduled to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on the 9th of November had to be cancelled after India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka expressed their inability to attend the summit. Also Read - Over 300 Twitter Handles Generated From Pakistan to Disrupt Farmers' Tractor Rally, Claims Delhi Police

In a statement issued today, the Foreign Office of Nepal said, “Nepal regrets that regional environment is not conducive to host19th SAARC Summit scheduled for 9 &10 Nov’16 in Islamabad (Pakistan). As current Chair of SAARC, Nepal underscores the need for creating a conducive regional environment for the SAARC Summit. Nepal will initiate necessary consultation on successfully holding 19th Summit with the participation of all member states.” Also Read - Pakistan Approves Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Sputnik V For Emergency Use

The regional environment remains non-conducive due to the fact that nearly all the countries in South Asia are exasperated with Pakistan for spreading terrorism in their respective countries. This is a fact that even Nepal realised the seriousness of and slammed Pakistan for nurturing terrorists on its soil. In this regard, Nepal’s Foreign Office said, “To achieve peace and stability, SAARC member states must ensure their territories aren’t used for cross-border terrorism.” (ALSO READ: Afghanistan supports India on surgical strike and ditches “Muslim brother” Pakistan ) Also Read - Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli Expelled From Ruling Communist Party Amid Political Unrest

This has been the principal demand of the countries in the region. South Asia is extremely annoyed with Pakistan’s involvement in the internal affairs of its neighbours and its continued support for terrorism.  Afghanistan’s statement to SAARC chair Nepal was one of the fiercest in terms of accusations allayed on Pakistan. The statement read, “Due to increased level of violence and fighting as a result of imposed terrorism on Afghanistan, H.E. the President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani with his responsibilities as the Commander in Chief will be fully engaged, and will not be able to attend the Summit.” Speaking on this Afghanistan’s envoy to India, Shaida Abdali had said, “Right now the environment is not conducive to conduct SAARC summit with terrorism continuing in the region.”

Similarly, Bangladesh  categorically said that “the growing interference” in its internal affairs by one country has “created an environment which is not conducive to the successful hosting of the SAARC Summit” Though all the countries in the region are fed up with Pakistan’s policy, the embarrassed country believes that the SAARC summit was deliberately sabotaged by India. Pakistan also truly believes that it was India that made the other countries of the region pull out of the process and issue statements against Pakistan. Pakistan really needs to introspect and conquer its problem of delusions.