New Delhi, Feb 6: Colonel Nizamuddin, former driver and bodyguard of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, passed away on Monday morning. Colonel Nizamuddin was 116. According to reports, Colonel Nizamuddin alias Saifuddin, will be laid to rest in afternoon after Zuhar namaz. Colonel Nizamuddin is survived by his wife Ajbul Nisha, three sons and two daughters.

Colonel Nizamuddin made headlines last year by opening a bank account at the ripe old age of 116-years. After a Japanese man, who was believed to be the oldest man alive, had passed away at the age of 114 in February last year, Colonel Nizamuddin was the oldest human being alive on the planet. Another startling aspect is that Colonel Nizamuddin’s wife, Ajbul Nisha, is 107 years old.

  • Colonel Nizamuddin, who hails from Dhakwa village in Mubarakpur area in Azamgarh, was living with his wife Ajbul Nisha and youngest son Sheikh Akram.
  • His two other sons, Akhtar Ali and Anwar Ali, work in Saudi Arabia and Mumbai, respectively.
  • His two daughters are married.
  • He changed his name to Nizamuddin from his original Saifuddin as he was working as secret service agent.
  • In one of the most shocking claims, Colonel Nizamuddin rejected the theory that Subhash Chandra Bose died in an aircrash in 1945 and said Netaji was alive at the time Independence.
  • “How one can say that Netaji was killed in the air crash when I was with him even after that incident. The rumour about his death in crash was spread by vested interests to gain power,” said Nizamuddin.
  • Colonel Nizamuddin had claimed that three to four months after the crash, he had dropped Netaji on the bank of Sitangpur river near the Burma-Thailand border.
  • His expertise in handling heavy guns and driving brought him closer to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

(Photo credit: Facebook)