New Delhi: A Chennai-bound SpiceJet flight carrying 153 passengers from Delhi on Wednesday made an emergency landing as it suffered a minor technical glitch after the flaps on its wings failed to deploy while landing.

Nevertheless, the pilots managed to touchdown safely at Chennai airport with no passengers injured.

The emergency landing took place around 6 PM. The aircraft which was scheduled to head onward to Madurai was delayed at the Chennai airport for over an hour as technicians tried to resolve the snag.

The flaps of the SpiceJet aircraft Boeing B737 remained unresponsive to the pilots’ commands and stayed upwards forcing them to conduct a ‘flap up’ landing, which requires greater distance on the runway.

“The PIC (pilot in command) had informed ATC (air traffic controller) (about the snag) but no special assistance was required as the aircraft landed safely at the airport”, a SpiceJet spokesperson told news agency PTI.

According to aviation experts, the flaps attached to the wings of the aircraft, move upwards and downwards to allow the plane to fly at higher speed or to slow down.

Usually, close to full flaps are used to reduce landing roll and wear on the wheel brakes at the time of touchdown.