New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asserted that the new India is about “participative democracy, a citizen-centric government and pro-active citizenry’. Addressing Manorama News Conclave 2019 via video-conferencing from the national capital, PM Modi emphasised on “competence” as the new norm, adding, “this is an India where corruption is never an option, whoever the person is”.

Modi said, “This is a new India where surnames of the youth don’t matter, what matters is their ability to make their own name. New India isn’t about the voice of select few but each Indian”.

Speaking on the media’s role on bringing people together, Modi said, “Today, I have a humble suggestion. Can we not use the power of language to unite? Can media play the role of a bridge and bring people speaking different languages closer. This is not as difficult as it seems.”

PM Modi said that his government has created over 1.5 crore homes for the poor at a rapid pace, adding that “they are not just four walls”.

“We were conscious of the fact that we were not creating houses, but were building homes. We needed to move away from the concept of merely constructing four walls,” the PM said.

PM Modi mentioned that when people ask him what his government did differently, he tells them about “schemes and funds” that don’t just exist on papers, but are a reality.

“A lot of people ask me that schemes and funds did exist previously also, then what did you do differently? Now, it is common to see people using Wi-Fi facilities in railway stations. Who would have ever thought this would be a reality. The system is the same, the people are the same yet, massive changes have taken place on the ground,” Modi stated.

Outlining the vision of new India, Modi said his government not just cares for those living in the nation but also outside.

“Our diaspora is our pride, contributing to India’s economic growth. Our vision for New India includes not only caring for those living in the nation but also outside. Our diaspora is our pride, contributing to India’s economic growth,” Modi added.

Manorama News Conclave 2019, organised by the Malayala Manorama Group, is being held in Kochi. It is on the compelling theme of ‘New India’.

PM Modi on Friday inaugurated the third edition of the Manorama News Conclave via video-conferencing from New Delhi.