Goa, Oct 31: A Goa Councillor received VVIP ‘milk’ treatment after he won the civic polls earlier this month. He was showered with vessels on milk as a sign of hero worship by his supporters. The BJP Councillor was completely bathed in milk wasting gallons of milk. BJP had emerged victorious in the recent civic polls in Goa. However in Canacona there was a tie and no panel won the elections there. BJP won in 6 councils out of 11 which contested elections. Also Read - Politicians Beware! Twitter to Alert Users When Leader Posts Harmful Tweets

The controversial video has now gone viral on social media and Kishore Seth is receiving lot of criticisms for it. The video which was taken by Seth’s followers has proved a curse for the leader with netizens criticising the way in  which he was treated. Such hero worship is generally seen down South where posters of Tamil actor Rajnikanth are washed in milk. However, this video of milk bath has spread on the social media creating a huge embarrassment for BJP. (Also Read: Driver removes Kerala Assembly Speaker’s footwear; photograph goes viral) Also Read - Supreme Court Decriminalises Homosexuality: Reactions Pour in After Historic Verdict

Recently, photographs of VVIP treatment given to MPs and political leaders had become a huge topic of debate on social media. A driver removing Kerala Speaker’s footwear had got him a lot of unwanted attention from the social media. Speaker, N Sakthan was also asked for an explanation for the picture. Another such incident that created ruckus was Mayawati’s helper cleaning her shoes. Panakaja Munde was also stirred in a similar controversy wherein her domestic help carried her sandals. Also Read - Akbar Road in Delhi 'Renamed' After Maharana Pratap For a Brief Period; Probe Launched