Unlock 3.0: From August 1, the third phase of unlocking in India will begin. But little changes on the ground as only gyms and yoga institutes got the permission to resume normal functions from August 5. Night curfew — restriction on non-essential movement — is also going from August 1. Also Read - Gujarat Extends Night Curfew In 36 Cities Till May 18: Check Latest Timing, Restrictions And Guidelines

But as the MHA has empowered the states to take state-wise decisions as and when required, not all states are going to withdraw night curfew. But did it actually help? Also Read - Full Lockdown Imposed in Mizoram For 7 Days From May 10: Check Full List of Restrictions

1. In Unlock 2.0, night curfew was imposed from 10 PM to 5 AM. Also Read - Full Lockdown in Karnataka Might be Imposed, Will Take Decision in 2 Days, Says CM Yediyurappa

2. Night curfews were not applicable to essential movement, goods transport, transport of passengers from airports or stations.

3. Night curfews were not meant for night shift workers.

4. Those curfews were only to prevent late-night crowding around any shop or market areas. After hotels were allowed to resume operations, night curfew was meant to tackle hotel crowd as well.

5. Experts said night curfew and weekend lockdowns do not have a direct impact on breaking the virus chain or on the rate of the spreading of infection.

6. Still, many states want to continue with the night curfew as a change of rule now may upset the way the states are fighting the COVID-19 situation.

7. For example, the Punjab government is considering an extension in the timings of the night curfew. It may order curfew in the city from 8 pm to 5 am.