New Delhi, June 16: Billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi, who is accused in a Rs 13,000 crore fraud at Punjab National Bank (PNB) in India was apparently in the United Kingdom till March 31, the UK’s National Bureau of Investigation shared this piece of information with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) when it asked the UK for  a “diffusion” in February this year. However, Nirav Modi’s whereabouts in the UK are not known yet but British authorities have told India that India can apply for his extradition. Also Read - Can an Individual Get Two Different Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine?

A diffusion is a request through the Interpol to seek arrest of an individual or information about them for an investigation purpose. Interpol is an organization that facilitates international police co-operation. India actively pursued the diffusion, issued through the Interpol, with countries likely to be visited by the Jeweller. Also Read - Vijay Mallya Has Applied For ‘Another Route’ to Stay in UK, Says Lawyer

There were reports on June 13 that Nirav Modi travelled to three countries on an Indian passport that was revoked by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on February 24. There could be two reasons behind it- either the countries he travelled to were not informed about his revocation of the passport, or they chose to ignore India’s request. Also Read - Will Nirav Modi Be Finally Sent Back to India? Judgment Day in UK Extradition Case on February 25

“Officials say he initially had a passport belonging to the N series. After that was filled up, the subsequent passports issued were of Z series since he is a frequent traveller. He could have used the four to five extended passports as they have had long-term valid visas,” NDTV quoted sources as saying.

Recently, on June 11, the CBI asked the Interpol to issue red corner notices against Nirav Modi, his brother Nishal Modi, uncle Mehul Choksi and Subhash Parab, an executive in Nirav Modi’s company.