London: Nirav Modi on Tuesday pleaded to Royal Courts of Justice here to grant him bail ahead of the trial. The court would give its decision on Wednesday morning. Also Read - Mehul Choksi's Lawyers Name His Alleged Abductors, Says Antigua PM; Probe on

Modi’s counsel, while pleading his case, had read out some email exchanges between the PNB scam accused and his brother. She said, “The emails clearly show that there is no evidence of any sort of witness interference. We’ve seen witnesses from Abu Dhabi who’ve replied to emails from ED.” Also Read - Did Not Evade, Left India to Seek Medical Treatment in US: Choksi Tells Dominica High Court

She argued that Modi had moved to the UK to raise capital, to explore where in the world he needed to be, immigration-wise. “If he is given bail, he is willing to be tagged through an electronic device, have a phone that can be tracked,” she said. Also Read - Mehul Choksi Has To Be Deported to India: Dominica Government Tells High Court

She added that since both of Modi’s children were moving to the UK as they were starting university, he wouldn’t risk running away.

Meanwhile, Crown Prosecution Service representing Indian Government countered her with, “Allegations (on Modi) are of conniving and criminal acts.”  It said that it was another matter if Modi was given bail during extradition hearings. “But should not be given bail at this time as he faces serious charges,” it said.

The judge said that Modi had a highly designed legal team in place, who are preparing to face the Indian Government to stop the extradition. And that he had a good chance to fail the extradition altogether. And if he was extradited, he could be arrested at that time.

The Crown Prosecution Service argued that it was no accident that Modi had arrived in the UK. “The way he has carried out frauds, he knew this day was coming. He has been making offers of cash securities to get bail which started from £500,000 which has now gone up to £2 million,” it said.