New Delhi: Lucknow girl Vartika Singh, who claims to be an international shooter, has written a letter in her blood to Union home minister Amit Shah expressing her desire to hang Nirbhaya rapists. She drew the blood from her left thumb as she posed with a bandaged finger in front of the camera. “Hanging of the Nirbhaya case convicts should be done by me. This will send a message throughout the country that a woman can also conduct execution. I want the women actors, MPs to support me. I hope this will bring change in society,” she said to ANI.Also Read - Nirbhaya Convicts Depressed, Refusing Food, Say Tihar jail Sources

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Tihar jail authorities have approached other prisons in the country to provide them with a hangman as currently there is no hangman in Tihar. Since then, several have written to the authorities wanting to volunteer for the job. A jail in Bihar’s Buxar district has been directed to keep 10 pieces of ropes ready. The Buxar jail is the only prison in Bihar having the required know-how. It takes about three days to prepare one rope and mainly involves manual labour, with a little use of motorised machinery, it was reported. Also Read - 2012 Delhi Gang-Rape Case: 15 Letters in Tihar From Those 'Volunteering' to Hang Convicts

A fourth-generation executioner in the Meerut Jail, Pawan Jallad, has expressed his desire to hang the convicts. “I am prepared to carry out the execution if asked by the UP government. I will go to Delhi and carry out my duty,” Pawan has said. Pawan’s great grandfather, Laxman Ram, worked for the British and had hanged Bhagat Singh.

Located in West Delhi, Tihar jail is the biggest prison in the country and has had high-profile inmates. The 2001 Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru was the last person hanged in the prison. He was hanged by a Tihar jail personnel in February 2013.