Patna, November 9: The future of Indian politics sudedenly changed on Sunday November 8, under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, Grand Alliance defeated the invictus Narendra Modi.

Slogans such as “Ab Ki Baar, Nitish Sarkar”, and “BJP Bihar Hari Hai, Ab Delhi Ki baari hai” were head at several streets in Bihar, including at the JD(U) headquarter in Beer Chand Patel Path, Patna.

Sunday’s victory and celebration for Nitish’s fan is not just about formation of the government but they have started chanting slogans for “Ab Ki Baar, Nitish Kumar”. Read Also: (Shahtrughan Sinha meets Nitish Kumar, takes potshot at PM Modi, Amit Shah; BJP likely to expel him)

In the mindset of Biharis, and many other politics lovers who are upset with the recent development in the country the battle for 2019 Lok Sabha election had already began.

For Narendra Modi, who attended more than 35 public rallies, the results of Bihar poll is not just a humiliating defeat for him, but Nitish Kumar had appeared as ‘Vikas Purush’ in front of the whole country.

The centralised leadership of BJP had caused a great damage to not only the party but Narendra Modi’s credibility was also questioned by the oppositing for such an aggressive campaigning in state polls.

If Nitish Kumar becomes a favourite Prime Ministerial candidate in few years the credit will go to Narendra Modi, who is the first Prime Minister of India battled so hard for state elections.

Unlike Arvind Kejriwal, if Nitish starts questioning the centre about its policies and if he held them accountable he can surely emerge as a Prime Ministerial candidate.

Nitish can always gain support of Communist Party due to his Socialist ideology. Not even in India, even Imran Khan, Pakistani, cricketer turned politician, once said, his party and he himself had learned a lot from Nitish Kumar’s development mantra.

Nitish is widely known seen to be successful because he is focused on a development and governance platform and he is not into identity politics whether of religion or region. He is also a well known face among international socialist group.

Nitish who gave around 1 lakh bicycles to female students in Bihar, was campaigned by him at a large in the election. His method of curbing crime reluctantly in Bihar, which was once known as a mafia zone ar studied by Pakistani government officials and many other states in Africa.

Meanwhile the pressure of Sundays loss was clearly visible on the faces of senior BJP leaders at the party headquarter wher Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present along with Amit Shah.

Nitish started nursing the ambition of Delhi ever since the BJP lost the 2009 parliamentary elections under Advani. But the emergence of Modi in 2013 came as a spanner in Nitish’s dreams.

However before going too far of fullfilling the dreams of his people Nitish Kumar has to keep Congress, NCP, Samajwadi, RJD, CPI, CPM on his side to turn the table around.

The idea of Nitish Kumar’s, Bihar and his image as a ‘Vikas Purush’ is a much discussed topic in India, more than beef-ban and hindu-rashtra.