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Patna, March 20: Pictures carried by the media showing mass copying and cheating in school examinations don’t reflect the reality in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Friday. The pictures “do not show the entire story of the state”, Nitish said in a Facebook post.  “Students of Bihar are brilliant and have set an example in the country. A student progresses in life with his capability, not because of certificates,” he said.

Nitish Kumar said the authorities had been told to be responsible so that there was no cheating in examinations. He also urged parents to tell their children not to cheat.  “I urge parents, relatives and friends who help the students in cheating that you are ruining the future of the students as well as Bihar,” Nitish Kumar said.

The Patna High Court on Friday slammed as “very shameful” Bihar Education Minister P.K. Shahi’s statement that cheating-free exams were not possible in the state. The court, hearing a petition filed by a senior lawyer against Shahi’s remarks, expressed its displeasure over the minister’s statement.  It directed Bihar Police chief P.K. Thakur to ensure free and fair Class 10 board examination across the state, the petitioner said.

The case will come up for further hearing on March 27. Meanwhile, police used batons on Tuesday to disperse a large number of people helping students to cheat in the examination at Hajipur, witnesses said. On Thursday, Shahi said that cheating-free examinations were not possible in Bihar.

More than 1.4 million students are appearing in these exams amid reports of mass copying and cheating. (Bihar cheating scam: Height of cheating, 515 students caught during matric exams)