New Delhi, July 20: During the no-confidence debate in Parliament, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Rakesh Singh attacked the Congress party on a list of scams that had emerged during its reign and said that it a party of frauds. “Congress presided over a regime of scams, while the BJP is a regime of schemes,” Singh said. Continuing its attack on the Congress, Rakesh Singh said that millions awaited progress in terms of eradication of poverty but it never reached their doors. Click here for live news updates from no-confidence motion debate. Also Read - Centre Faces Tough Question as Pressure Mounts to Impose Full Lockdown in India to Beat COVID Surge

“This is because the Congress treated the people of the country as a votebank…our initiatives have managed to bring a smile on the faces of people…. The BJP, under the leadership of PM Modi, has given the nation a clean government,” he said. “Manmohan Singh said minorities have the first right on country’s resources. However, PM Modi gave new direction by saying that first right on country’s resources is of the poor,” he further said. Also Read - Impose Complete Lockdown in India: Traders' Body Urges PM Modi Amid COVID Surge

Comparing the two national party, the BJP MP said, “The aim of our party is to strengthen democracy. During its rule, the Congress party gave this country multiple scams. However, we gave policies to this country. All these scams have tarnished the image of our country across the globe. Cleanliness is getting a new aspect…it’s a part of their lives.” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Reacts After Twitter Suspends Her Account Over Her Tweet on Bengal Elections

Taking a dig at senior leader Mallikarjun Kharge, when he tried to interrupted Rakesh Singh, the Jabalpur MP said it is because of the family that he couldn’t become the CM face in Karnataka. He also took a dig at H D Kumaraswamy for his emotional outburst and said, “We recently saw HD Kumaraswamy crying on TV, he said felt like he was drinking poison.”

Responding to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MP Jayadev Galla’s accusations on the government to ignore Andhra Pradesh, Rakesh Singh said that most of the complaints that TDP spoke about arose when the Congress was in power. He also asked the logic behind TDP to stand with the Congress and move a no-confidence motion against the Modi government. “Frustration and desperation are the main reasons behind this,” he said.