New Delhi, March 12: The Narendra Modi government’s Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, does not hire Muslims as teachers/trainers, revealed an RTI inquiry filed by an investigative journalist. The blunt revelation, though not entirely unexpected is still shocking, considering the facts that the inquiry threw up. The inquiry revealed that not even a single Muslim applicant was selected or sent abroad for foreign assignments during the World Yoga Day last year.

Investigative Journalist Push Sharma had filed one RTI inquiry after another until the Ministry finally gave in and accepted that the government had refused to recruit Muslims as Yoga teachers despite loads of applications coming in. The reply said that the Ministry had received a total of 711 applications from Muslim Yoga trainers, for foreign assignments, but not a single one of them was even called for an interview, let alone selected to go abroad! On the other hand, some 26 trainers who were all Hindu, were sent abroad for the assignment. Also Read: AYUSH Ministry launches song contest for Yoga day

Moreover, the reply revealed that over 3,000 Muslims had applied for the post of Yoga teachers and trainers till October 2015, but not a single one of them was selected by the Ministry. So, what was the reason that was cited for such blatant discrimination, in the reply? Apparently, it is government policy that dictates that no Yoga teacher from the community be selected as a Yoga teacher/trainer, for assignments both within and outside India! It is a really sad move by a government that promises ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’. This clearly indicates that the Muslim minorities just don’t fit into the current government’s idea of India.

(Source: Twitter; Credits: Milli Gazette)

Lamenting the highly discriminative policy and attacking the Narendra Modi government for the same, Sharma wrote, “It is common knowledge that the ongoing communal agenda of the Modi government is responsible for raising the level of communal hatred in the country to an unprecedented high level even in government corridors though it is difficult to prove it. Here we have, for the first time in the life of this government, a written, blunt RTI reply in our hands which unashamedly says that it’s Modi government policy not to recruit Muslims in government jobs.” The story is set to appear in the next issue of the Milli Gazette.