New Delhi: A day after the buses sent by the Congress were stopped at Rajasthan-UP border, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday again urged Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to allow the Congress to ply buses to help ferry migrants to their homes. Also Read - 'Crossed All Limits': Priyanka Gandhi to Yogi Adityanath After Buses Stopped at UP-Rajasthan Border

“At 4 PM. it will be 24 hours since the buses were made available. If you want to use it, do it. Give us permission. If you want to use BJP party flags and stickers on buses then do it. If you want to say that you made those buses available, do it. But let the buses run,” Priyanka said in a series of tweets. Also Read - Bulandshahr Priests Murder: 'Heinous Crime, Nobody Should Politicise it,' Priyanka Gandhi Criticises Yogi Govt

She said that it is not the right time to play politics and all parties should set aside politics and help the people in distress.

“We’ll have to understand our responsibilities. They (migrant labourers walking to return to their native states) aren’t just Indians but India’s spinal cord. The country runs on their blood and sweat. It’s everyone’s responsibility,” Priyanka added.

She said she wants permission from the state government to ply buses to UP only to help migrants reach home safely.

She had on Tuesday lashed out at the Yogi Adityanath government after buses sent by her party to ferry migrants from Rajasthan were stopped on the border between the two states by the Uttar Pradesh Police.

“The Uttar Pradesh government has crossed all limits. When keeping politics aside, we got an opportunity to serve our migrant brothers and sisters, you put in front of us several obstacles. Chief Minister Adityanath, if you want, then put up BJP banners on the buses, but don’t reject our services because three days have been wasted in this political nonsense and in those days, many migrants have lost their lives,” she had said in a series of tweets in Hindi.

She had said that the Uttar Pradesh government has itself admitted that 879 buses out of 1,049 proposed by the Congress have been found to be correct. “Your administration has stopped more than 500 of our buses on the Uncha Nagla border for hours. On the other hand, more than 300 buses are reaching Delhi border. Please let these 879 buses ply first,” she said in another tweet.

Notably, a political slugfest erupted after the Uttar Pradesh government alleged that of the 1,000 buses that it allowed the Congress to send to Rajasthan to bring back migrant workers from the state, many were actually ‘two-wheelers,’ ‘autos’ and ‘goods carriers.’