WiFi and broadband devices, flags and banners challenging the territorial integrity of India or Pakistan, liquor and a host of other items have been put in the prohibited list for pilgrims visiting Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur across the border.Also Read - Historic as India and Pakistan Sign Agreement to Operationalise Kartarpur Corridor

The negative list of items for pilgrims travelling through the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor on either way includes firearms and ammunition, explosives, narcotic and psychotropic substances, and knife and blade, except all types of kirpans, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Also Read - This is How Much Pakistan Will Earn From Kartarpur Corridor

The pilgrims will not be allowed to carry items in the negative list put on the newly launched portal prakashpurb550.mha.gov.in, where pilgrims will have to register online. Also Read - Kartarpur Corridor to be Opened For Indian Pilgrims on November 9, Confirms Pakistan Official

Counterfeit currency notes, stamps and coins, maps and literature with incorrect depiction of external boundaries of India or Pakistan (physical and digital forms), literature, media items and objects including flags and banners challenging the territorial integrity of India or Pakistan or potentially damaging to communal harmony in the two countries (both in physical and digital forms) are also banned for the pilgrims.

Any goods for commercial purpose for profit gain or commercial usage, as per applicable laws, radio transmitters not approved for normal usage, satellite phone, objects made of gold and silver, other than ornaments for personal use or for religious purposes, as per applicable laws, are also prohibited for the pilgrimage.

Pornographic material, goods infringing the enforceable intellectual property rights, antiquities and art treasures, wildlife items and products and endangered species of plants and animals whether alive or dead are also prohibited.

On Thursday, India and Pakistan signed a landmark agreement to operationalise the historic Kartarpur Corridor to allow Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit the holy Darbar Sahib in Pakistan, notwithstanding a chill in bilateral ties.

It was also decided that 5,000 pilgrims can visit the shrine everyday and that additional pilgrims will be allowed on special occasions, subject to capacity expansion of facilities by the Pakistani side.

India and Pakistan have also decided that the corridor will be operational through the year and seven days a week and that pilgrims, except kids and elderly persons, will have a choice to visit it as individuals or in groups.