New Delhi: A videos of a Delhi police personnel holding a gun went viral on social media on Wednesday after a TV channel report raised questions over the utility of the gun if no shots were fired. The video is not verified. Neither the university nor Delhi Police confirmed the authenticity of the videos.

Delhi Police said it has nothing to do with the video as it never fired at any student. “Delhi Police never fired at any student or protester on Sunday at Jamia Nagar area. As far as the video shown on the television channel is concerned, when the Delhi Police didn’t fire on the protesters so the Delhi Police has nothing to do with the video,” Delhi Police spokesperson Anil Mittal said.


On Sunday, the students’ protest in Jamia took a violent turn as police entered inside the campus to clampdown the protests. Three students with injury were admitted to the hospital. In the face of severe criticism for using force against protesting students, the Police said that injuries might have been led from tear gas. On Tuesday, the Delhi Police arrested 10 people, all with criminal backgrounds, in connection with the violence. The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday said that no bullets were fired by the police. It added that more anti-social elements are being tracked.

Several fake videos are doing the rounds on social media. One such video claims that the buses were set on fire by the police personnel while in reality the police personnel were dousing the fire.