New Delhi: Getting a government job is a dream for everyone, but at the same time working in government offices can be a nightmare for many. The latest incident in Uttar Pradesh is a bright example of this. Employees of the electricity department in the Banda area of Uttar Pradesh are on a daily basis wearing helmets to protect themselves from any untoward incident while working in the dilapidated office building.

Reacting to the horrific experience, one of the employees says, “It’s the same condition from the time I joined this office 2 years ago. We’ve written to authorities but there is no response”.

People generally wear helmets for protection from injuries while driving and to avoid traffic fines. Some others also wear it at the construction site as a protection measure, but wearing the same to the workplace on a daily basis raises the question of safety measures of government office buildings.

In 2017, a similar incident from Bihar came to limelight when government employees at the Areraj block-cum-circle office in East Champaran district came to office wearing helmets for safety reasons as they were working in a dilapidated office building.

The condition of the office building was such that the plasters used to peel off the ceiling and fall on their heads, putting officials and civilians coming to the office at risk.

“Even the block development officer (BDO) has been forced to wear a helmet. The building construction department has already declared the structure ‘unfit’, but no effort has been made to undertake repairs,” Manoj Paswan, a village representative, told Hindustan Times.

The situation was so critical that even people who were visiting the bloc office also preferred to cover their heads before entering into its premises for some work. During rain, people refused to take shelter under its roof.