New Delhi, May 28: Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressing a program on the completion of 3 years of Modi government on Monday came out heavily on India’s neighbouring country- Pakistan, saying, it continues to provide shelter to the ‘terrorists’. Lashing out on Pakistan, Rajnath said that not only does it try to disrupt peace in Kashmir, but also tries to destabilize the situation in our country.

Without taking names, the Home Minister said some forces are trying to divert the attention of Kashmiri youths. ” Some forces are trying to divert the mind of Kashmiri youngsters, I assure you that we come out with a solution of Kashmir soon.” Mr. Singh thanked the people of the nation for helping them form a government with a clear majority, as according to him no one thought it would be possible.

Talking about the Assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the veteran BJP leader stated that people of these two stated have done a miracle by stamping our three years of Modi government in centre. As per Mr. Singh, the people of these states gave us a clear message by saying,” Mr. Modi we are with you please march forward.

As far as corruption is concerned, Rajnath said it prevailed earlier during the regime of Congress and even Samajwadi Party, adding that no one has the guts to blame us on being corrupted as our party is corruption free. Launching a scathing attack on Congress, the Home Minister went on to say that the grand old party could not end poverty despite its efforts and promises towards eradicating it.

Without mentioning Rahul Gandhi, the 65-year-old veteran of the saffron party said that Congress does drama by standing outside the ATM (in the demonetisation drive) and my showing a torn kurta, with such dramas, they bound to not to think for the welfare of poor.

Congress has now realised that if it talks ill about Narendra Modi or his government then it will not be appreciated by the people, said Rajnath.