New Delhi: Induction and re-induction of Central forces is a continuous process, said sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday, aiming to put to rest all speculations over the deployment of additional troops.

Sources in the ministry told ANI, “100 companies had been ordered for deployment about a week ago, which are in the process of reaching their destinations. This has apparently led to speculations of induction of additional forces.”

However, they said, “Based on the assessment of internal security situation, training requirements, the need for paramilitary troops to be rotated for rest and recuperation, induction and de-induction of central forces is a continuous and dynamic process.”

As to why there has been a ferrying of additional troops to the state, the sources said that “it has never been the practice to discuss in public domain the details of deployment and movement of para-military forces deployed in a particular theatre.”

Meanwhile, ANI has also reported that the Air Force had pressed into service aircraft like the C-17 heavy lift plane for rapid induction of CRPF and other paramilitary troops into the Kashmir Valley.

On Thursday, over 280 more companies were deployed in the Valley even as no reason was given for the sudden move.

Reports said all major entry and exit points of the city were taken over by the Central Armed Paramilitary Forces (CAPFs) with the token presence of local police. In another development, security cover from a number of shrines, mosques and courts was withdrawn.

Such panic has been created that residents have reportedly started hoarding essentials as they see this additional movement as a sign of deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

Some reports even pointed out that Pakistan has expressed worry over the movement.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was quoted by the media as saying, “India’s war mood is worrisome. They (India) have sent 10,000 more soldiers to Jammu and Kashmir. This is a violation of human rights. India is not ready for talks or mediation. This is a weird situation.”