New Delhi/ Islamabad, Sep 2: All the security agencies and media houses in India went crazy when a report came claiming that mafia don Ibrahim Mushtaq Abdul Razak Nadim Memon alias Tiger Memon was arrested in Karachi, Pakistan. The news turned out a false report. Pakistan authorities arrested a man who was threatening girls on social networking site Facebook in the name of Tiger Memon. (ALSO READ: Tiger Memon arrested in Karachi?)

According the latest report, the man was identified as Furkan who was wanted in several cases in Pakistan. Furkan made a Facebook account called Memon Tiger and was harassing and threatening girls on social media. Furkan’s arrested triggered speculations that Tiger Memon who is the main accused of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts which claimed the lives of 257 people and left more than 700 injured was arrested.

Tiger Memon is wanted by the Interpol and the CBI in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. He is absconding since the blast took place in Mumbai.