Guwahati: The status of nearly 3.87 lakh applicants who failed to file claims after their names were not included in the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam is not known, said reports on Tuesday. (Also read: Final NRC Draft to be Published on Aug 31)

Though the state government had decided to conduct an inquiry on the whereabouts of such individuals, sources said such probe continues to remain on paper only. The state home department had directed to all the superintendents of police to trace the whereabouts and background of 3.87 applicants who failed to submit claims.

When the complete draft NRC was published on July 30, 2018, it included the names of 2,89,83,677 eligible applicants. The names of 40,07, 707 applicants were left out of the draft NRC. While 36.2 lakh applicants filed their claims to include their names in the final NRC, 3.87 lakh failed to do so.

A daily quoted sources in the NRC Secretariat as saying that quality control checks were on. However, they insisted that the process was on schedule and the final NRC would be published on August 31 as fixed by the Supreme Court.

Officers involved with the process of updating the NRC were in constant touch with the government departments, including Border Police wing, so that names of those against whom cases are going on in any tribunal are not included in the NRC. According to law, the name of any such person cannot be included in the NRC.

This is where the officers face a hurdle for want of a proper database of such individuals. Their whereabouts are not known so the officers do not know who might have shifted to another district of the state and submitted an application for inclusion of their names in the NRC with forged identity and documents there.