Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday alleged discrimination in the National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft in Assam saying only Biharis and Bengalis’ names have been removed from the list. Speaking at Hindi Mahotsav and Samman Samaroh, she asserted that such a thing neither happened or will happen in West Bengal.

“For me, humanity is the most important thing. In Assam names of Biharis have been removed along with names of Bengalis and others. But I can proudly say that in Bengal this has neither happened nor will it ever happen,” Mamata Banerjee said, news agency ANI reported. This is not the first time Mamata Banerjee has accused the government of discrimination.

Banerjee’s remarks have come a few days after she accused the BJP-led central government of trying to evict people from the country in the name of the NRC in Assam and dared it to launch a similar exercise in Bengal.

“They (the BJP) are trying to wrongfully evict many people from Assam. Some are even threatening to evict people from Bengal through a similar exercise here. I dare them to lay a finger on us. They will understand what Bengal is made of,” Banerjee said at a rally. She further added that the Narendra Modi-led party will not be spared if they drive any Indian citizen out.

“Bengal has protested against the situation in Assam and will continue to do so. We all are Indian citizens. If they try to drive out even a single Indian citizen, we will not spare them,” she had said.

Following the publication of the NRC final draft in Assam, the West Bengal Chief Minister had alleged that the list didn’t the names of those who don’t vote for the party. She had also alleged that the BJP government was “turning Indian people into refugees in their own country” and it would lead to a civil war.

“What is going on and what can be, it is more alarming. Only to win the election, only to win the battle, people cannot be victimised. Now they say these people cannot vote also. If they don’t vote if their list doesn’t exist, don’t you think they will lose their identity,” she had said.

Disappointed over Mamata Banerjee‘s remarks on the final draft of the Assam NRC, two All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders  — Diganta Saikia, Pradeep Pachoni — quit the party saying that the West Bengal Chief Minister has been commenting and slamming the list “without any knowledge”.