New Delhi: The controversy over the missing names from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) wasn’t over yet and West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Rupa Ganguly went on to assert on Wednesday that after the Partition of 1947, West Bengal became a part of India as it was for Hindus. She said Partition was done just so Pakistan became a Muslim nation and Bangladesh was a country primarily for Muslims; just as West Bengal was a state for Hindus who left Bangladesh. (Also read: Will 40 Lakh Not on NRC be Deprived of Their Voting Rights?)

Ganguly made the statement when she was asked for her views on the NRC draft. The MP said that only Hindus aren’t refugees but Buddhists and Jains are refugees too who came from different parts of the world to India. “Politically incorrect…Partition was done so Pakistan becomes a Muslim nation; Bangladesh mainly for Muslims, Bengal was a part of India as it was for Hindus who returned from Bangladesh. Only Hindus aren’t refugees, Buddhists, Jains are refugees too who came from different parts of the world to India,” she said.

Ganguly’s stand on NRC has been very clear from the beginning and she has openly criticised West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for rejecting the draft and saying that it would lead to anarchy and bloodbath. Attacking Banerjee, Ganguly had said, “Is she (Banerjee) aware that there are a lot of illegal immigrants in West Bengal? As it is, what is happening in West Bengal today, is it any less than bloodbath or civil war? Doesn’t she know that every other day BJP karyakartas are being killed?”

Backing the Government on the NRC, then Tripura Governor has said that there is a difference between people crossing over from another country. Those who flee their countries due to fear of persecution are refugees while those entering another country in search of employment or economic opportunities are infiltrators, IANS quoted Tathagat Roy as saying.