New Delhi, July 28: A recent feature in the New York Times compared Ramdev with the US President Donald Trump and even predicted that he could be India’s next Prime Minister. It said that Ramdev will eventually rise to the top of India’s politics and how he helped bring PM Narendra Modi to power. Also Read - 'Finished Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Still Here,' Says Donald Trump Week After Revealing His COVID-19 Therapy

“Ramdev has been a prominent voice on the Hindu right, and his tacit endorsement during the landmark 2014 campaign helped bring Prime Minister Narendra Modi to power….After Modi won, Ramdev claimed to have “prepared the ground for the big political changes that occurred,” it says. Also Read - Little Warrior: Donald Trump Honours 10-Year-Old Indian-American Girl For Donating Cookies to Nurses, Firefighters

It further says that Ramdev is “India’s answer to Donald Trump, and there is much speculation that he may run for prime minister himself.” Charting out comparison between the two leaders, the feature said, “Like Trump, he heads a multibillion-dollar empire. And like Trump, he is a bombastic TV personality whose relationship with truth is elastic; he cannot resist a branding opportunity — his name and face are everywhere in India.” Also Read - 'Need Substantive Improvements on COVID-19,' Says Trump Threatening to Permanently Halt WHO Funding

“Ramdev is also the first godman to earn his millions as a businessman instead of just siphoning donations from wealthy followers. Patanjali has vaulted in just over a decade from a tiny operation into an economic powerhouse, with $1.6 billion in sales in the current fiscal year. Turn on a TV or glance at a billboard almost anywhere in India, and you are likely to see Ramdev advertising one of its products.”

It further said that Ramdev is more powerful than any prime minister.” He may be a wholly new breed: a populist tycoon, protected from critics (and even, to some extent, from the law) by a vast following and a claim to holy purpose,” it said.