New Delhi, Aug 20: Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister KP Maurya on Sunday dropped a big hint on the constriction of Ram Mandir and said the Narendra Modi-led government could opt for the legislative route in Parliament for the construction of a Ram temple at Ayodhya. Maurya claimed that all the obstacles in the construction of the Ram Mandir will soon be removed.

He further said, “People have faith that the Supreme Court’s judgement will come soon and the obstacles in the constructions of Ram Mandir will be removed. Either the judgement will come soon or we’ll find a solution through dialogue. The third option of passing a law in the Parliament is also open.”

Earlier on Saturday, the Deputy CM had said that if all the other options fail, “there is no way out except for bringing a Bill”. “When such a need arises that there is no way out except bringing a Bill, I am fully confident that in such a situation and when we have adequate strength (in both Houses of Parliament), remember these two things,” he had said.

“At present, in Parliament, we do not have adequate strength. Because even if we bring the matter in Lok Sabha, our strength in the Rajya Sabha is less, and it will definitely be defeated. Every devotee of Lord Ram knows this. The court will soon give its judgement. Lekin Jis din hamare paas takat hogaa, uss takat ka sadpuyog hoga, durpayog nahi hoga,” he said.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Saturday accused the BJP of raking up the temple issue to cover up its “failure” on various fronts. “Ram Mandir should be built but the issue should not be used for the election campaign. The government has done nothing which it can showcase as development work. The issue of Ram Mandir is being raised to cover up the failure of the government,” he charged.