Bhubaneswar: An auto-rickshaw driver from Odisha was subject to a fine of Rs 47,500 on Wednesday for violating various traffic rules. This penalty was imposed in the wake of the implementation of the amended Motor Vehicles Act. Also Read - Odisha Woman Pays Rs 50,000 to Contract Killers to Get Daughter Killed, Arrested

The action was taken by a traffic police near Acharya Vihar in Bhubaneswar and the auto-driver was given a hefty challan receipt for drunk driving and for not carrying the necessary documents while driving including the driving licence, vehicle insurance and the pollution certificate. Besides, the driver was reportedly using the auto-rickshaw without permission. Also Read - Odisha Village Residents Take its Famous 'Pattachitra' Art to New Heights

While the owner of the auto-rickshaw namely Kanduri Khatua of Kishore Prasad area in Nayagarh could not produce the required documents to the police, the driver named Hari Bandhu Kanhar, Kanhar was drunk. Notably, the owner was present in his vehicle when Kanhar was riding it, stated a report. Also Read - Odisha to Halt COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Tomorrow | Here's Why

As per the challan copy, the owner was levied a fine of Rs 5,000 for letting unauthorised person to drive the vehicle. A fine of Rs 5000 was imposed for driving the vehicle without a valid driving licence. A fine of Rs 10000 was imposed for drunk driving. Another fine of Rs 10000 was imposed for violating air and noise pollution. Besides, a sum of Rs 5000 was levied for using vehicle without registration and FC, Rs 10000 for violating permit conditions, Rs 2000 for plying without insurance and Rs 500 as general offence.

As per a report, upon receiving the challan receipt, the drunk driver Hari Kanhar said, “I have brought this second hand auto kanduri khatua of 26 thousand, I have all the documents and I can show the traffic officers. Recently I don’t have any I have to collect all. But I am not able to give the fine.” In total, the driver has to deposit a pending challan worth Rs 47,500 at the Driving Testing Centre in Chandrasekharpur.