New Delhi: In yet another unfortunate incident, a pregnant woman on Saturday died while she was on her way to a nearby hospital in an ambulance which allegedly ran out of fuel near Kuliana area in Kalahandi district of the state.

Tulsi Munda, the wife of Chittaranjan Munda of Handa village, complained of labour pain on Friday night after which she was admitted to Bangiriposhi Community Health Centre. There her condition deteriorated. Then she was taken to another hospital in another ambulance but the doctors declared her ‘brought dead’.

“The vehicle had sufficient fuel but the oil pipe burst on the way which caused leakage of fuel. The patient was also in critical condition. The investigation is underway. The incident is really saddening. I called the doctors at Bangiriposhi hospital, where the deceased woman was initially admitted. Doctors there told me that the driver asserted there was some problem with the fuel pipe. I will inquire this matter, whether it was irresponsibility or any other unfortunate incident,” Dr PK Mohapatra, Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO), Baripada, told ANI.

As per the CDMO, after the first ambulance had a problem in the middle of the road, another ambulance was called and the woman was shifted to another hospital. The second ambulance reached the spot after 45 minutes. In the meanwhile, the woman died.

“The ambulance ran out of fuel midway after which the ASHA worker dialled for another ambulance. By the time it arrived, almost an hour had passed by. When we reached the hospital, the doctors declared my wife brought dead,” Chittaranjan Munda told IANS.

“This is irresponsible behaviour on part of the hospital authority and ambulance staff. They should have checked the ambulance before sending it,” Prakash Soren, MLA Baripada, told ANI.

In another incident in August this year, locals carried a pregnant woman on a cot for at least 12 kilometres, through Jelingadhora River up to Kaniguma Gram in Kalahandi district of Odisha as there is no road connectivity there. Finding ambulance service in the area is a daydream for locals. The incident happened on August 21 in Thaumal Rampur village of Kalahandi.

The 23-year-old pregnant mother Saibani Goud was in need of medical aid during her labour pain, and health workers called for an ambulance to take her to hospital. Because of poor road connectivity, no ambulance could reach there and they had to carry her on a cot to the hospital which was nearly 12-km away.

Locals resented that political leaders come to their village during election time and promise to build a bridge but nothing happened once the election is over. This year in July, another shocking incident happened in the area where locals had to carry the body of their relative on a sling made of cloth after authorities denied providing a hearse van.

(With inputs from agencies)