Very rarely do we come across good horror movies in Bollywood and hence all those, with a love for horror wait desperately for Hollywood horror movies to release in India or atleast wait till we can download them over our beloved piracy sites. But then, when The Conjuring hit the movie theatres a few years back, it robbed us of a few breaths and made our hearts skip a few beats – not in the romantic, mushy, awww cheesy way but the horror, scary terrifying way. And when Conjuring 2 was about to hit the screens, but naturally, we couldn’t wait. After all, won’t it be 2 times more scary than Conjuring? And seems like scary it was!

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While the movie goers are still fighting on whether the sequel was more scary than the first part, for two movie goers, the second part  definitely turned up the scream quotient. In a theatre in Tiruvannamalai Town of Tamil Nadu, a 65 year old man actually died during the climax of the movie! The old man had gone to watch the movie with his friend who are both residents of Andhra Pradesh and they visited the Balasubramaniar Cinema. During the climax of the movie, the old man kept complaining of a chest pain and then, suddenly fainted right in the cinema hall! Paramedics were called and he was rushed to the hospital.

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On being taken to the Old Government hospital, he was declared dead on admittance. However, the tale does not end there. After declaring the body brought dead, the hospital staff asked the deceased’s friend to take his body to Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital but surprisingly, the friend suddenly disappeared with the deceased’s body! He never reached the destination of Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital. The police are completely baffled and are asking around and are even enquiring with all auto drivers and other public transport modes but so far, their hunt has proved fruitless.

Quite strange and bizarre isn’t it? Oh, and spooky too!