New Delhi: Starting from Hyderabad horror to Unnao rape and murder case, when the nation is witnessing a sharp rise in crimes against women, President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday urged the authorities concern to ensure safety and security of women in public places.Also Read - As the World Celebrates Human Rights Day Today, Here's All You Need to Know About It

Criticising the recent incidents of violence against women in the country, President Kovind said such heinous crimes force people to think whether the society has lived up to the universal vision of equal rights for all.

While addressing a gathering of the NHRC at Vigyan Bhawan, President said the recent cases of violence against women have triggered shock and protests from citizens. He also urged the authorities concerned to ensure the safety of women in public places.

Recalling the contribution of Indian reformer and educator Hansa Jivraj Mehta in shaping the landmark document on UDHR, President said more needed to be done to commemorate visionary leaders like Mehta who championed human rights and gender equality.

“We can make a beginning by asking ourselves if we have lived up to her vision of equal rights and equal dignity. Unfortunately, a series of events in the recent past force us to think again, and incidents of heinous crimes against women are reported from many reports of the country,” he said.

Recollecting Mahatma Gandhi’s words, the President said the Father of the Nation had said that human rights and duties are two sides of the same coin.

“Our failings in human rights, as in cases of violence against women, often stem from failing on the other side (in our duties),” he said.

President Kovind said it is the collective task of every individual to effectively strengthen the human rights at the ground level. “In this regard, the National Human Rights Commission has done well in spreading awareness and joining hands with civil society to further the cause,” he added.