Happy Onam 2016! Onam, the wonderful ten-day long festival celebrated by Malayalees around the world has begun. Onam brings along with it a real sense of spiritual unity as, though based on Hindu mythology, the festival is celebrated by Malayalees of all religions. The highlights of the ten-day long festival are the Songs, the Pookalams (flower carpets), the food and the prayers. A festival celebrating renewed hope and a new beginning, Onam is a tribute honouring the King Mahabali who is welcomed back by his masses. The happiness in the air is multiplied manifold as in Kerala, schools, public and private offices are given holidays for the entire duration, so that people may spend time with their family and enjoy the festivities. As the final day ‘Thiruvonam” is nearing (it happens to fall on the 14 of September), we want you to enjoy the festival with these Top 10 classic Malayalam songs that represent everything that Onam is about. Songs are a huge part of the Onam celebrations, especially when combined with the classical dances. Also Read: Happy Onam 2016 Wishes & Messages  Also Read - Kerala Sets up 'Sanitiser Booths' at Schools For Safety of Students as Classes Resume

There has always been a tradition in Malayalee households to follow a fixed ritual on the Thiruvonam day. Family members begin the day with a fresh Pookalam, a visit to the temple and then come back home and turn the music on. In the 1980s and 90s, the Onam song tapes used to sell like hot cakes. Even today the tradition is not lost. Many non-Malayalees don’t realise what an integral part the Onam songs play in the entire celebration. The speciality about the Onam songs is the fact that unlike other modern music, these songs get better and better as they get older. All of the songs in this top ten Onam songs list are  absolute favourites among folks in Kerala. In fact Malayalee children seem to have lapped them up almost like nursery rhymes. Whether or not you celebrate Onam, we urge to give these beautiful melodies a try. The list does not get any better than this, so let your hair down and enjoy the celebration !  Also Read: Happy Onam 2016 Status in Malayalam Also Read - Poll Dates Announced For 5 Assemblies, Mamata Questions EC | All Major Election Developments in 10 Points

10. Manasinullil Oru Onam  Also Read - Travel Guidelines For Delhi: Tourists Arriving From These States Need to Furnish a Negative COVID-19 Report

At the tenth place on our list is this highly expressive song sung by Yesudas. The song represents the feeling that people experience while celebrating Onam. A feeling of joy, celebration and togetherness. So begin you Onam day playlist with this beautiful song.

9. Onam Vanallo Ponnonam Vanallo

This song earned its spot on our list for spelling out our joy on Onam being finally here. Enjoy this joyful melody that celebrates the coming of Onam, a truly special event in the year, bringing along with it fun, hope and happiness. Join in to the celebrations, with this song, and have a memorable day.

8. Onam Varavayi Keram Thingum Ulsava Naal

Another song on our list that celebrates the coming of Onam, while keeping in mind the components of modern music. A relatively newer song, “Onam Varavayi Keram Thingum Ulsava Naal” enshrines the happiness of the youth and the pure undiluted joy that children experience. This is a rare song on our list. It is difficult for novel songs to enter the list of staple Onam songs, however, the qualities that the song encompasses has ensured that the song bags a place on the list.

7. Pookkalam Kanunna Poomaram Pole 

This is another great song sung by Malayalam’s evergreen singer, Yesudas in the year 1992. A metaphorical song full of comparisons, this song definitely makes it to our top 10 Onam songs list. the song revolves around the flower carpet or ‘Pookalam’ that is the signature symbol of the festivities.

6. Atham Pathinu Ponnonam 

This song has been written by Mankombu Gopalakrishnan and sung again by veteran singer, Yesudas. As the first nine days of celebration near an end, this song celebrates the tenth and most important day of Onam, ‘Thiruvonam’. The tenth day is a truly grand end to this most joyous of festivals, Onam and therefore this song earns the number 6 spot on our list.

5. Thiruvona Pularithan

At number 5, we have this beautiful song ‘ThiruvonaPularithan”  sung byt artist Vani Jairam and released in the year 1975. The song celebrates the various rituals followed during Onam. This is the perfect song to start with on the ‘Thiruvonam’ day. (ALSO READ : Onam 2016: Date, significance & importance of the harvest festival of Kerala)

4. Poovili Poovili Ponnonamayi

This song was sung by KJ Yesudas and picturised by Prem Nazir. The song fits right into the fourth best song slots as it celebrates the harvesting done by farmers of Kerala. The song is from the film Vishukkanithat released in the year 1977.

3. Para Niraye Ponnonam

This beautiful song sung by Yesudas & Sujatha is an absolute crowd favourite. Along with being sung very popularly, performers get inundated with requests to sing this song. You don’t need to go any further to know why!  listen ahead and enjoy the catchy melody.

2.Uthradapoovnilave Vaa

This gem of a song definitely deserves the number two spot in this very best of Onam playlists. Written by Sreekumaran Thambi for the album Ulsva Ganangal and produced by Tharangini, this song is an evergreen favourite of music lovers It was composed by Raveendran and sung by Yesudas.

1.Maveli Naadu Vanidum Kaalam – Onappaattu

This song deserves the absolute number one spot and not just because of its striking melody. The song represents everything that Onam stands for. The spirit of Onam and the egalitarian nature of the festival are truly showcased in the song. The beauty of the song doesnt just end there, the song which is actually called ‘Onappaattu’ and starts with the lines ‘Maveli naadu vanidum kaalam’, does not have a verified author. Thats right! The question as to the original author of ‘Onappaattu’ is a matter of intense debate amongst Malayalees. The debate is over whether or not the song as we know it today was written by Sahodaran Ayyappan in the early 20th century or a modification of the already existing original version written by an anonymous poet. Whatever, might be the answer, this is one song without which Onam remains incomplete.

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