New Delhi: Months after becoming the COVID-19 hotspot and shutting down, Chennai’s Koyambedu market is reopening today, on Tuesday. The wholesale vegetable market located in the city centre was labelled the epicentre of coronavirus in the south as more than 3,500 people got infected from the market alone. Also Read - Delhi May Report 14,000 Covid Cases a Day During Festive Season: Satyender Jain

However, traders and workers seem to still be negligent to COVID rules despite city authorities imposing heavy fines, as many of them were seen without face masks, failing to maintain the safe physical distance. Also Read - 90% Infected People in India Have Recovered From COVID-19: Health Ministry

“We are not scared of COVID-19. How can we earn money if we are scared? We had a tough time without salary for four months,” a wholesale trader told NDTV. Also Read - How to Check if Your Hand Sanitiser is Original

Moreover, prices of vegetables also went up skyrocketing at the market as traders attributed it to incessant rains and shortage of produce due to pandemic, apart from losses faced during shutting down of the market.

Notably, the reopening of the Koyambedu market after five long months is a breather for many people’s livelihood amid complete uncertainty and fear. Before the pandemic hit the city centre, nearly 1 lakh customers would visit the market daily.

The sprawling wholesale market at Koyambedu in Chennai turned out to be a super spreader of the viral infection in May with the number of positive cases in otherwise low prevalence districts like Cuddalore seeing a sudden sharp rise after people from there travelled to the market.

Over 5.8 lakh people have been infected in Tamil Nadu subsequently.