New Delhi: As the price of onion surged to Rs 200 per kg in Bengaluru, the staple vegetable is now missing from the platter at home and in restaurants in the city. The market is worst affected in this South Indian city due to severe short supply of onion this season.

“Onion price has gone up to Rs 200 per kg in some retail shops of Bengaluru soon after the wholesale rate was between Rs 5,500 and Rs 14,000 per quintal,” Siddagangaiah, state agricultural marketing officer, told IANS.

Because of the price rise, this vegetable is not seen on the menu in homes and restaurants across this city. Heavy rains during the harvest time led to the short supply of a good share of the onion production.

In another development, the price rise has also severely affected the restaurants in Goa. The situation has reached such critical level that many restaurants have replaced onion with cabbage and carrot as part of their salad. And other restaurant owners have completely removed the vegetable from the dishes.

On the other hand, many restaurant owners in Goa said that they have reduced the quantity of onion they used to serve to their customers.

The situation is equally critical in Madurai with the onion price reaching to rs 200 per kg. Traders are facing so much issue as customers have stopped buying onion because of its price rise.

As per updates, India has an annual onion requirement of 150 lakh metric tonnes and Karnataka produces 20.19 lakh metric tonnes. This year, almost 50 per cent of the onion production has been lost because of crop loss.

Karnataka had last month received 60-70 quintals of onion a day, which has now fallen by 50 per cent, leading to the crisis in the state.